Yupun Abeykoon Unbeatable Yet Again


World Athletics Continental Tour Bronze Category 23rd ANHALT Athletics Championship 2021 – Dessau, Germany

100 M – Men
Gold – Yupun Abeykoon (Sri Lanka ) – Lane 4 – 10.09 secs ( + 2.2 m / s )
Silver – Joris Van Gool ( Netherlands ) – Lane 3 – 10.25 sec
Bronze – Yannick Wolf ( Germany ) – Lane 2 – 10.31 sec
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Yupun won Heat 1 in 10.48 sec. Only 05 competed in the Final out of 11 in the 02 Heats.

This is the best timing by a Sri Lankan sprinter under any condition. It was better than 10.11 sec ( + 3.1 m / s ) clocked by Himasha Eshan. Yupun Abeykoon is attached to the Sri Lanka Army. He is the reigning Sri Lanka’s & South Asia’s fastest man in addition to being the Indoor 60 M record holder.

Report / Photo courtesy ceylonathletics.com