Tenure of Incumbent Office Bearers Extended

The Annual General Meeting of the Asian Cricket Council was hosted by Sri Lanka Cricket at the Taj Hotel in the city of Colombo. Over 40 delegates from the 25 member associations were present at the ocassion. Jay Shah chaired the meeting.

The tenure of office of all incumbent office bearers was unanimously extended by another 02 years. President – Jay Shah ( Secretary, BCCI ), Vice President – Pankaj Khimji ( President,Oman Cricket ) who replaced Mahinda Vallipuram ( Immediate Past President, Malaysian Cricket Association ).

Sri Lanka Cricket will host the 15th Asia Cup Championship 2022 ( T20 Format ) from 27th August to 11th September in Sri Lanka. It will be held after 04 years. The Qatar Cricket Association was upgraded to Non Test Playing Full Member status from Associate Member status.