Sri Lanka’s first sports website launched Sri Lanka’s first Sports Academy for Special Needs

In their inventive progression in developing sports in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka’s first Sports website has proudly embarked on a mission to uplift the physical and mental health standards of differently abled children with an innovative Sports Academy for Special Needs. launched in the year 2000 adding a dynamic approach to the cyber space exploring the avenue of digital presence of Sri Lankan Sports globally.

The important and diverse endeavour will be called “Sri Lanka Sports Academy for Special needs” as it aims to discover, nurture and to develop the sporting talents of those children with special needs. The project will also aspire to cultivate and care for the special needs of those children who are underprivileged with their physical movements by organising recreational and community development activities among them.

The first SriLankaSports Academy for Special needs was established in the Matara District on 24th March and it will be spread around Sri Lanka in all districts to identify the sporting talents, mainly focusing the children with Intellectual disabilities to concur the world of sports.

“In Sri Lanka, children with special needs face obstacles that do not allow them to integrate adequate into society and we at have thought of taking care of them to give them the much needed stimulation and hope for life” said Hishan Welmilla, Editor in Chief of

“We are delighted that is taking this initiative to pioneer this project create an opportunity for these children with special needs to develop their skills and talents. We must appreciate and value the services of the coaches who are working together with us voluntarily” he further added.

Around the world, children with special needs are treated with lot of care and respect by giving more opportunities to integrate them to the society to make them feel important.

Every human being deserves an equal opportunity. A specific part of inclusion for these differently able persons would be to engage them in physical activities to by encouraging them to participate in sporting activities.

“It is with much pride and pleasure that launch this endeavour to make feel these talented children as an important fragment to the society through inclusion and belongingness by taking them to global competitions” said Leonard Ratnayake, Senior Content Editor of

This project will be launched with the objectives of providing Children with Special needs, the opportunity to conquer the world of sports with their own abilities.

By launching this initiative hopes to send a broad invitation to the society to be a part of this venture to stimulate and nurture a hope of life for these children with special needs.