Sri Lanka Face Uphill Task To Prevent Relegation

ITF 121st DAVIS CUP by RAKUTEN World Cup of Tennis 2021

The largest annual world championship in sport, with 142 nations entered for 2021 is nearing completion. Sri Lanka will be fielding a 05 member team in the Asia Oceania Zone Group 111 contest to be held in Amman, Jordon from 15th to 18th September. The young team will be joined by Hong Kong China, Kuwait, Malaysia, Pacific Oceania, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Syria, Vietnam & hosts Jordon, with Philippines withdrawn.

Yasitha De Silva – 26 years – Reigning Hard Court National Singles Champion – 02nd Davis Cup
Thehan Wijemanne – 17 years – Reigning National Doubles Champion 02nd Davis Cup
Chathurya Nilaweera – 16 years – Reigning National Doubles Champion Davis Cup Debut
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Renuk Wijemanne – 39 years – ( Coach / Non Playing Captain )
Former National Champion – Ann ITF Level 3 Coach. Represented Sri Lanka 05 times between 1999 to 2007, winning 11 out of 19 matches.

The 05 member team will represent Sri Lanka. Experienced players & former National Champions – Harshana Godamanna, Sankha Athukorale, Sharmal Dissanayake & Dineshkanthan Thangarajah are unavailable for various reasons.

Report assisted by Zarina Saleem / Revatha S Silva