NOCSL Top Brass Meets Sri Lanka Media

A media meeting was held at the Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay Hotel where the President – Suresh Subramaniam, Secretary General – Maxwell De Silva, Treasurer / Chef de Mission Tokyo 2020 – Gamini Jayasinghe & Assistant Secretary / Press Attache Tokyo 2020 – Wing Commander ( Retired ) Chandana Liyanage, all high ranking officials of the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka, took an effort to clear a few misconceptions mainly in the social media which is of concern to the development of Olympic Sports in the country.

They explained the stringent rules & regulations to be adhered to in the preparation of Team Sri Lanka members attire & the facilities that were provided to the 03 Qualifiers & 06 Tripartite Commission Invitees who made the trip to Japan. The unique health related mental & physical challenges together with major obstacles arising out of the situation were highlighted by them. The athletes had very few opportunities to prepare properly for an event of this magnitude. The occupants of the Head Table were of the view that the Sri Lankan participants who managed below par performances during competition in Tokyo upto now had to be treated with much understanding & respect. A far reaching training, conditioning & medal winning structure is to be implemented, it was assured to the media who have been sponsored by the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka. In this very crucial aspect, the often reiterated combined action plan of the Ministries of Education, Youth & Sports was once again highlighted.

The freedom & opportunities available to Non Rights Holder media coverage is very limited. The good thing is that the Athletes seem to cherish the chance to compete at the highest level. Ever increasing social & digital media activity that has seen a worldwide phenominal increase in engagement with competition & competitors is the singular positive aspect of a virtual visual media multi sports extravaganza.
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Report by Haritha Perera
Photos by Thusith Wijedoru