Giant Killers Sri Lanka Finish As Fourth

FIDE Online Chess Olympiad 2021 – B Division – Tornelo Platform concluded after 03 day

Sri Lanka played extraordinarily well in the FIDE Online Chess Olympiad 2021 to finish 4th being the last (10th) ranked initially at the event. Though the losses in the 1st two rounds to strong Belorussia(1 ½ – 4 1/2) and Norway (2 -4 )made them difficult in their task, Sri Lanka beat Zimbabwe (4 ½ – 1 1/2), Portugal (4 -2). Albania(3 ½ – 2 ½ ), Montenegro (4 – 2) and Scotland (4-2) with two draws against the Champion Israeli team and the top seed Sweden team to score 12 match points to finish 4th.

Israel won the 1st place out playing Belorussia who was the leader till 8th round in the final round winning all 8 games except the draw taken by Sri Lankan team. Belarus was 2nd with 16 points and Sweden was 3rd with 13 points.
Sanudula Dahamdi scored 7 ½ points out of 9 games while Susal De Silva scored 6 ½ points out of 9 games in the last two boards. Ranindu, playing the strongest top board, managed to score 4 ½ points out of 8 games.
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The Uzbekistan Grandmaster, Alexie Barasov made a great contribution by preparing the team throughout the event. Congratulations! Team Sri Lanka.

Report by Luxman Wijesuriya