Domestic Table Tennis Results

MTTA 62nd Inter Club Championship 2019 – St. Thomas’, College Indoor Sports Stadium, Mount Lavinia – concluded after 02 days


Division Place Company
A Champion DrinkDrive
Runners up CDB Finance
2nd Runner up MAS A
B Champion Dialog Axiata
Runners up MAS B
2nd Runner up Astron
C Champion Peoples’ Finance
Runners up Virtusa
2nd Runner up Amana Bank
D Champion Syscolabs A
Runners up Singer
2nd Runner up HSBC A
E Champion Laugfs
Runners up Fortude
2nd Runner up HSBC B
F Champion Syscolabs B
Runners up Synopsis
2nd Runner up Commercial Bank
A Champion MAS A
Runners up Seylan Bank
2nd Runner up
B Champion Codegen International
Runners up HSBC A
2nd Runner up 99x Technologies
C Champion HSBC B
Runners up Synopsis
2nd Runner up CDB Finance

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256 players representing 36 companies participated. Women’s – 18 teams in 03 divisions. Men’s – 48 teams in 06 divisions

Report by Sadisi Nirasha