Dinushki Premanath & Ranindu Dilshan Win Selection Trials

The National Chess Champion, Ranindu Dilshan Liyanage(Ananda College) showed excellent performance in the Selection Trials of the FIDE Online Chess Olympiad 2021 held on 24th and 25th at the Chess.com flatform. Ranindu scored a total of 7 ½ out of 9 games to win the event convincingly being unbeaten. He drew with the next 3 players Minul Doluweera, Susal De Silva and Isuru Alahakoon and beat all othe participants to win the supremacy.

Minul Doluweera and Young LMST De Silva were also exceptional to score 6 ½ points out of 9 games. Minul placed 2nd according to the better tie breaker and Susal had to satisfy with the 3rd place. Minul lost his game to AACB Amarasinghe, got three draws with Ranindu, Susal and S sivathanujan. Susal was also unbeaten with five draws with Ranindu, Minul, Isuru, AACB Amarasinghe and Samaranayake.

Dinushki Premanath and Sanudula Dahamdi had a fighting performance of 6 points out of 9 games Dinushki having a bad first round won the Women’s Championship on the better tie breaker while Dahamdi had to satisfy with the 2nd place. Dinushki lost to WMMN Wijesinghe and Tharushi Sandeepani on 1st day but servived well with the wins against Ashvini Pavalachandran, Oneli Wilvalarachchi, Sachini Ranadsinghe and Esha Pallie with two draws with Tharushi Niklesha and Sanudula Dahamdi. Sanudula who was on top on the 2nd day scored four wins against Ashvini Pavalachandran, Oneli Wilvalarachchi, WMMN Wijesinghe and Nethmi Fernando and Esha Pallie with four draws against Dinushki Premanath, Tharushi Niklesha, Sachini Ranasinghe and Sandeepani Tharushi. She lost only one game to Ashvini Pavalachandran. After having some poor performance in first five rounds, WIM Sachini Ranasinghe made a strong comeback scoring 3 ½ points out of last four games to place 3rd.

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Report by Luxman Wijesuriya

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