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  • Conducting of Events Relating To Sports
  • Single Sport and / or Multi Sports – Outdoors and / or Indoors
  • To conduct Draw on Teams entry provided by Organiser
  • To conduct Opening and Closing Ceremonies – Flag Hoisting, Awards Presentation and Team Introductions [Announcing]
  • To conduct of Tournament as per Draw
  • To Provide All Officials / Adjudicators
  • Web Media Coverage
  • Services On Request
Message from President, National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka
Message from President, National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka
“As President of the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka, which comprises a membership of 28 Olympic Sports being practiced in the country, I greatly appreciate the efforts being made by the “Sports with Haritha Programme”, which adds value in promoting sports in Sri Lanka by providing valuable information and commentaries on sports to our sportspersons, both practitioners and enthusiasts alike. As the central focal point in Sri Lanka for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for promoting Olympic Sports and its values as enshrined in the Olympic Charter,  as also, in supplementing and complementing the efforts of the Ministry of Sports and the respective National Associations in building capacities for sports development in the country, I am most obliged to the  “Sports with Haritha Programme” and to its prime mover, Mr. Haritha Perera, for being a valued partner in our efforts. I wish this programme all success and continued growth in their efforts in the times to come.”