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  • Sri Lanka Enter Medal Tally

    Sri Lanka Enter Medal Tally

    NOC logoThe 05th Commonwealth Games 2015 is being held in Apai,Samoa. 08 Athletes are representing Sri Lanka,participating in 03 Sports. Sri Lanka have made an encouraging beginning to their quest to win important medal by annexing 02 Silver Medals.

    D.M. Srimali Samarakoon

    Weightlifting – Srimaaalee Samarakoon
    Central College,Nalanda – 48 Kg – Girls

    R. Dammika Ranatunga
    Athletics – Roshan Dhammika Ranathunga
    Kularatne Central College,Godakawela Hihg Jump – Boys
    Performance – 2.11 mtrs

  • Posted by Prasad Perera on September 8, 2015 at 9:02 am

    When athletics results are given, it is important to state the timings, height and distances achieved. This is a big mistake done by most of the local journalist who cover athletics. Those who are interested in athletics should be sent cover these events. This is one reason for the down fall of athletics in our country. The publicity given to athletes and their performances are very limited and negative. If we could give athletes the facilities given to cricketers we can be a leading nation in athletics. Getting a medal at this level is a huge achievement where athletes from Jamaica, England and Australia performing. In cricket we are losing to India and Pakistan and it will be worse against Ausies and England. So please give more publicity to these rural athletes. Interview them, Show their achievements in TV. At least give some publicity to these individuals in TV. We are fed up of seeing poor performances of our young cricketers day and night in the TV and new papers.


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